President’s Message August 2016

Presidents Message

August 2016

Welcome to the 2016-2017 Carolinas Section of SPE’s new year, and our new web-site. We have some great plans for the year and some outstanding presentations and social events. I hope that your Board can encourage each of you to attend at least a couple of our gatherings this year.
Throughout last year the Board worked hard only to come up dry. We would like to know why. I encourage each of you to contact a Board member and discuss with that Board member what it is that you would like to see us do to draw you, and other members and non-members to our events.

One of the biggest changes this year is a revamping of our web site. In addition we will work through having a micro-site on SPE International’s web site, This will be an expensive venture to do and we hope that the money will be well spent by drawing our Section closer to our members and non members. Watch for it! (Please tell us what you think about it.) We will even have a “blog” on our new web site so that members can communicate with the Board, and commentary on other subjects of local interest. So start a blog!

Aside from plant tours and technical presentations this year we are planning some strictly social events. On the drawing board for this year is a supper event at the Speedway Club, (see below) an event at Discovery Place, and our usual golf outing in May. We have thought long and hard about what might attract you even to the point of thinking about a social event at the NC Transportation Museum. (That would be very expensive for a train ride up in the mountains, but if enough of us show interest then maybe the effort might be worthwhile. It doesn’t hurt to dream does it?)

One of my ideas to get folks interested in attending our meetings is to have a drawing at a random meeting in which the winner of the drawing will receive a one year membership paid for by the Carolinas Section. If there is sufficient interest in this then maybe we will do it more than once.

Face to face networking is the key to our member’s success. If one doesn’t know more than just one someone, it is more difficult to advance one’s career. (Trust me on that.) In addition seeing someone else’s plant is always a good learning experience. We have a few plant tours in the schedule this year and these are places where one can learn by seeing. (And seeing is believing!) The social events we are thinking about should provide the perfect atmosphere for networking and making new friends in our industry.

On December 12th we are planning an evening at the Speedway Club networking event.. Here’s how that will work. If you are interested then you will have to sign up no later than a month in advance. Depending on how many members sign up we will have 3 menus to choose from (fish, chicken or steak), or if we don’t have so many sign up, then you may order from the restaurant’s regular menu. I can tell you it is fun to see the Christmas lights of the Speedway’s infield as cars drive through. (Sorry no children at this event.)

I look forward to seeing you at our September 12th meeting.
Dennis L. Hayford