Membership Chairman Report

September 2016

Dear Membership,

2016 is a challenging year. Many members find it difficult to get away from their daily grind to broaden their horizons, further their careers by networking and making contacts that may help facilitate new business or help their companies to become more efficient. This may be due to management restrictions, or personal limitations. Nevertheless, those of you who were able to make time helped us, to once again make money and support our education fund, and help themselves!

We have over 200 active members and I urge you all to make a serious attempt to come! We will have a couple of outstanding meetings where we combine social networking and interesting talks. You can find all the information on our website … and you may want to have another look at those companies that support it. Those are companies with local ties, so they are here for you! This may also be a good way for your company to show presence – another way to network!

With the best wishes, your Tim Haake – BoD s049 SPE/ Membership – General Manager, GOETTFERT Inc.
Best regards,

Kenneth Morris

CE-Technologies, LLC
6203 Jack Thomas dr,
Indian Land, SC 29707

Cell: 704-806-3046