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Polymers Center of Excellence
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Many established NC firms find help spotting trends, developing and manufacturing new products and tweaking existing ones at the Polymers Center of Excellence.
“Do you have an idea that needs to be turned into a new material, a new product, or a new way to do things?” the center’s website asks. With help from the center’s staff, “Your idea can become physical reality.”
The Polymers Center of Excellence is the ultimate hands-on learning lab for people who know plastics. Inside its one-story building in University Research Park are modern labs and equipment for testing and making plastic materials and manufacturing sample products.
The center also has large meeting rooms for the many classes and seminars it hosts.

The Polymers Center staff of a half-dozen industry veterans has nearly 200 years of combined experience in many aspects of the plastics industry. They have worked for companies ranging from GE to Union Carbide to Dow Chemical and have even founded their own companies. Hayford has twice served on the international council of the Society of Plastics Engineers.
The center’s staff use that knowledge to instruct, trouble-shoot manufacturing problems and help companies develop new uses for plastics. (You can view examples of the sophisticated equipment at the center’s website,

Many Classes are Held Here, Too
Education is a key component of the center’s work. The center often hosts important programs, such as an upcoming OSHA-led program on workplace safety, and an international forum on “Advances in Plastics Processing,” which also has been held this summer in Brazil and Mexico.
The center’s ability to help area companies prosper has earned it high praise. For example, the center has provided technical advice to Huntersville-based Microban International, whose anti-bacterial materials protect users of hundreds of consumer, industrial and medical products ranging from footwear to bathroom fixtures to aircraft interiors.
The Polymers Center has been “a gold-standard partner for Microban International,” says Tom Kotterer, vice president for global operations, in a testimonial on the center website.
“We have expanded the breadth and depth of our product range four-fold over the last several years, and they have been there with us every step of the way,” Kotterer adds. “Their expertise, unique problem-solving ability, high standard of quality and safety and hyper focus on customer satisfaction are a model for us all.”

Want to Learn More?
The Polymers Center of Excellence is at 8900 Research Drive, across the street from the new home of Mallard Creek Polymers. Learn more about the Polymers Center and its resources by calling 800-603-4661 or by clicking on the link below:

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