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Subject: Husky Systems - In depth Review of Conventional, vs. Electric vs. Hybrid Injection Molding Systems (Free Presentation, Lunch Provided)

Date: October 13th at 12:00 pm

Location: Polymers Center of Excellence, 8900 Research Drive, Charlotte.

John Klem, Area Manager for Husky Systems will be presenting a quick history of Husky Injection Molding Systems through a preview of Husky today. John will also cover, PET Systems, Hot Runner Systems, Medical and Specialty Closure Systems. During the presentation, John will focus on the evolution of clamp technologies, hydraulic vs. toggle, bs. reflex platen. His presentation will include case studies as well as a comparison of the weaknesses and benefits of each system.

John Klem graduated in 1982 with a BSME fromThe Ohio State University. In 1997, John received his MBA degree in International Business The University of Akron. John's career includes 7 years in selling molds (injection, structural foam, compression and hot forming dies) and 18 years selling injection molding machines. John has been with Husky for over 10 years and is Area manager for the southeast (NC, SC, GA, FL & AL). John is also the Market lead for Specialty Closure molds (KTW).

The presentation will be free and lunch provided.

To make reservations, please use the attached link to our event registration page, or call Beverly Jarrell at the Polymers Center (704-602-4127) to reserve your spot for the presentation.

Hello, All - Good Morning/Afternoon/Evening...

It is that time of year again for a presentation of the events that we are planning for the 2015-2016 time frame.

A listing of our 2015-2016 Events are as follows:

Date Event Description

Sept 9th

October 13th Electric vs. hydraulic vs. hybrid injection molding machines - Husky
November 12th Mold Texturing
Jan 13th Honda tour
February 10th Us Leisure tour
March 9th Carbon Fiber- TNT Motor Sports
April 13th Mini Tech on Product Development

Sign Up Early: - (Please click this link for a sign up form), or by contacting Beverly Jarrel( (704) 602-4127) at the Polymers Center of Excellence for any additional information.

Edcational Support Programs for Junior High & High Schools

Kasey Britt from Mount Gilead, NC won the "Wonder of Plastics" Essay Contest

Plastics Innovation in Sports

What is innovation? To me, innovation is change in a new, more creative perspective. An innovation enhances the world around us and is involved in everything we do. An example of an innovation is plastic. In particular, plastic is involved in most sports and has caused a revolution to the sporting world. Plastic is contained in most safety materials and is also in most sporting
goods such as running shoes, hiking shoes, clothing, and drills equipment. Plastic is also contained in sports-related venues such as tracks and stadiums. Read more...........

The Presidents Corner

SPE Carolinas 2015/2016

Hello to all and hope everyone is doing well! Welcome to the SPE Carolinas Section upcoming 2015/2016 season. Our meeting/event schedule is complete and posted on the Events page. Please take time to review and choose an event to attend. Bring a friend, maybe your Manager, to see what SPE has to offer. We will gladly listen to any future topic suggestions also. The whole purpose of SPE is to promote and educate people on the plastics industry. Please help us support our industry! We are always looking for more people to get involved in our Carolinas Section. We have posted the current Board of Directors in the About SPE Carolinas tab. Feel free to contact any of us for on how you can help and get involved, maybe even join the Board of Directors. Please remember we are here for you. Anything we can do to help you function better in the plastic industry, please let us know. Of course, thank you for your continued support of the SPE Carolina Section and we look forward to seeing you at one or all of our planned events.

Warmest regards,

Richard Martin

President SPE Carolinas

Membership Chairman Report

Uncle Sam-We Want YouTo all our members,thank you for helping us2014-2015 a successful year for our SPE section.
We had interesting visits to plant sites and educational speeches, with good food and even better conversations.
Networking works, but only for those that come … and even better, on a regular basis!
This is not only good for you – the member – to meet peers and make new contacts, but for your company too.
You explore what is out there … opportunities to do business, optimize processes, find potential new employees and yes – help yourself in the process! Looking forward to see you soon!

With the best wishes, your Tim Haake – BoD / Membership

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Many established NC firms find help spotting trends, developing and manufacturing new products and tweaking existing ones at the Polymers Center of Excellence.
"Do you have an idea that needs to be turned into a new material, a new product, or a new way to do things?" the center's website asks. With help from the center's staff, "Your idea can become physical reality."
The Polymers Center of Excellence is the ultimate hands-on learning lab for people who know plastics. Inside its one-story building in University Research Park are modern labs and equipment for testing and making plastic materials and manufacturing sample products.
The center also has large meeting rooms for the many classes and seminars it hosts.  Read more...

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