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Subject: Branson Termal Plastic Welding Techniques

Date& Time: Wednesday, September 10th at the Polymers Center of Excellence in Charlotte

The SPE Carolinas presentation on Branson Thermoplastic Welding will be on September 10th at 12:00pm. David Dahlstrand, , will be presenting the best methods for thermal plastic welding which is best for your application. David will be covering Ultrasonic Welding, Virbation Welding, Spin Welding and Lazer Welding techniques. David's career spans 38 years with Branson Ultrasonics Corp. David is a current member of the Society of Plastic Engineers (SPE) and past member of Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME).  Currently, David is the Sr. Regional Technical Coordinator and Textile Development Engineer at Branson Ultrasonics Corp.. His responsibilities include; Technical Advisor on Thermal Processes for Joining Polymers, Southeast Applications and Technology Lab Supervisor, Technical Speaker for Plastic Joining Seminars, and Textile Applications Manager. David is proficient in applications knowledge and tooling design for ultrasonic, vibration, orbital, thermal and laser joining technologies used in the assembly of rigid thermoplastics, synthetic textiles, and films.

Sign Up Early: - Please sign up for the presentation by using our website sign up form (Please click this link for a sign up form), or by contacting Beverly Jarrel( (704) 602-4127) at the Polymers Center of Excellence. The seminar cost will be $15 for SPE members and $20 for non members

Edcational Support Programs for Junior High & High Schools

Kasey Britt from Mount Gilead, NC won the "Wonder of Plastics" Essay Contest

Plastics Innovation in Sports

What is innovation? To me, innovation is change in a new, more creative perspective. An innovation enhances the world around us and is involved in everything we do. An example of an innovation is plastic. In particular, plastic is involved in most sports and has caused a revolution to the sporting world. Plastic is contained in most safety materials and is also in most sporting
goods such as running shoes, hiking shoes, clothing, and drills equipment. Plastic is also contained in sports-related venues such as tracks and stadiums. Read more...........

The Presidents Corner

SPE Carolinas 2013/2014

Hello, All – The 2013 year has come and gone already – So, I greet you with an Happy New Year and another Fantastic year for the SPE Carolina’s Section awaits you!  Our meeting agenda is already scheduled out to the end of the season, please review the Events page and plan on attending a meeting.  On that note, I have a simple request of our SPE Carolina members – please make an effort this year to attend one meeting and if possible bring a friend.  Attendance over the years has been decreasing and we’ve tried to make changes to reverse this issue, i.e.: moved meetings to the lunch hour – so, it’s not a strain on the evening personal time.  If you have other suggestions, which would make it easier for you to attend, please let myself know and we’ll take action.  Basically, I’m asking as the current Section President – Please get involved as much as possible, Thank You!

Our largest event of the year, “Carolina’s Cup Challenge” Golf outing at Northstone Country Club in Huntersville is already booked, so make your calendars for Monday, May 19th.   Jfyi, for those of you who haven’t been able to attend the outing, one of the major benefits of the day in my opinion is – We are the only group of golfers out there, the course is closed on Monday’s for maintenance and Outings…  So, please stay tuned for more information to come after the winter. Read more...

Membership Chairman Report

Uncle Sam-We Want YouTo all our members, we hope you had a wonderful holiday season and wish you a good start for the New Year!
Thank you for helping us make 2013 a successful year for our SPE section.
We had interesting visits to plant sites and educational speeches, with good food and even better conversations.
Networking works, but only for those that come … and even better, on a regular basis!
This is not only good for you – the member – to meet peers and make new contacts, but for your company too.
You explore what is out there … opportunities to do business, optimize processes, find potential new employees and yes – help yourself in the process! Looking forward to see you soon!

With the best wishes, your Tim Haake – BoD / Membership

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Personal Connection Still Important in Hunt for Job.

Charlotte Observer

I've heard the complaints. Yousend out hundredsof resumethrough job boards and other resources. None turn into an interview. If you question
job seekers who recently landed work, I think you'll fmd many of them
went · beyond the resume and made some type of per" connection. Yes, we start 2012 again emphasizing the . importance networking, and a way to make a face-to-face impact on the person you're trying to impress. Read more...

Many established NC firms find help spotting trends, developing and manufacturing new products and tweaking existing ones at the Polymers Center of Excellence.
"Do you have an idea that needs to be turned into a new material, a new product, or a new way to do things?" the center's website asks. With help from the center's staff, "Your idea can become physical reality."
The Polymers Center of Excellence is the ultimate hands-on learning lab for people who know plastics. Inside its one-story building in University Research Park are modern labs and equipment for testing and making plastic materials and manufacturing sample products.
The center also has large meeting rooms for the many classes and seminars it hosts.  Read more...

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